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A Mediator In Family Law Cases With Nearly 50 Years Of Legal Experience

California family law is a nuanced and complex area. It takes many years of practice in this field to gain the experience necessary to serve as a mediator.

Since 1975, Attorney Hernholm has devoted his practice to mastering this area of law. He has handled all kinds of family law cases and navigated the many twists and turns that can arise in complex cases. He draws on that experience to serve as a mediator, facilitating win-win resolutions that address the needs of all parties involved.

Experience Serving In Multiple Roles

Attorney Hernholm has represented clients for many decades. He draws on the knowledge he has gained as an advocate to serve in other roles, including a court-appointed special master and discovery referee. Judges rely on him to gather evidence and sift through factual issues to assist the court in making an accurate determination. Mr. Hernholm’s appointment in these cases – and the great deal of trust that judges place in him – reflects his reputation for excellence in the family law field.

In his role as a discovery referee, Mr. Hernholm assists the court in making determinations about discovery requests, including contested issues around whether documents should be disclosed and whether sufficient documentation exists to support a party’s legal argument. He provides a detailed analysis based on a neutral and accurate interpretation of applicable law.

Mr. Hernholm also serves as a mediator, enlisted by other attorneys as a third-party neutral. In that role, he weighs in on contested issues, interpreting the law as a court would to provide parties with a reasonable forecast of how a judge would handle their case. He uses creative problem-solving skills to identify solutions and areas of common ground. He is often able to gain parties’ buy-in on creative resolutions that avoid the need for litigation (along with its associated delays, frustrations and expenses). Even in cases that end up going to court, he can help narrow down the contested issues, resolving aspects of the case where the parties are in alignment.

Learn More About Enlisting Mr. Hernholm’s Services As A Mediator

Attorneys and judges alike place their trust in the Law Office of Lionel P. Hernholm for reliable and professional service in problem-solving roles. To learn more, please reach out to him online or call his office in San Diego at 619-984-3305.